What is your path? How did you end up where you are now?

As an illustrator, the question on how to balance autonomous work and commissioned work is I think inevitable. I love to work for and with other companies since they give a platform to your work and space to grow – but also, I want to stay close to myself as an artist and keep that as the source of everything that evolves. I am now in a place where I focus on balancing these two worlds more by finding more time to improve and to experiment with my autonomous work. I am finding a way to work towards an exhibition every year where I present a new series of large-sized prints within a specific theme (inspired by those vintage school posters from primary school in biology class). The Amsterdam Fund of the Arts helped me with realizing this new way of working, in which I found a lot of joy.

The best jobs are the ones where these two worlds merge into one, like the 9x6m mural I did for Wetransfer and one for Nike’s office. I don’t have a ‘year-plan’ or anything or work towards goals. I just work hard, intuitively and most important: I make sure my work keeps me motivated by refining my path where needed.

What is the hardest part of working on your own?