Monotype – creative painting technique


The essence of this technique is that a print of ink is printed on paper or canvas using special stamps. Depending on the preferences of the master, oil paints, tempera, watercolor or even gouache can be used in the work. Paint can be applied on special metal or plastic plates, on a glass surface. To transfer the pattern from the plates directly to fabric or paper, spatulas or rollers with a textured surface can be used.

Among the most famous painters using monotype in their works, Edgar Degas, William Blake can be singled out. In Russia, the monotype is associated with the name of Elizaveta Sergeevna Kruglikova, who not only “rediscovered” this technique for art lovers, but also presented the world with many followers, her students, including Matvey Alekseevich Dobrov, Maximilian Alexandrovich Voloshin, Andre Dunuaye de Segonzak, Gustave Moreau.

Today, monotype is also used in child psychology and pedagogy. A sheet of paper is folded in half, then, on one half of it, half of the picture is drawn with paints. Then, a still wet pattern is covered with the second half of the sheet and pressed. Thus, a symmetrical print of the pattern is printed on the second half of the sheet. Impression technique perfectly develops children’s imagination, imagination, helps to develop creative abilities.

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