Male and female faces

Brief and to the point

Male – generally more rough and angular)

FOREHEAD – slanted
EYEBROWS – closer to eyes and can be thicker
CHEEKBONES – lower (more noticable in 3/4 pose and drawings with shading)
NOSE – bigger
LIPS – thinner
CHIN – wider
NECK – thicker
SHOULDERS – more angled (muscles 🙂
COLLAR BONES – v shaped

Female – generally more soft and flowing

FOREHEAD – more straight or curved
EYEBROWS – further from the eyes and can be thinner
CHEEKBONES – higher (more noticable in 3/4 pose and drawings with shading)
NOSE – smaller
LIPS – thicker (can be narrower)
CHIN – thinner
NECK – thinner
SHOULDERS – less angled
COLLAR BONES – straighter

if your still a bit stuck think of your stereotypical male or female and add some of that in.

MALE – muscles, beard, short hair, dirty

FEMALE – eyelashes, lipstick, jewelery, long hair, earings

Hope this helps you, I know it helped me in my progression of drawing skills.

P.S. I roughed the proportions and the light lines behind the faces so don’t consider those strictly

Monotype - creative painting technique
Detailed background and linearting