Detailed background and linearting

This tutorial is about sketch + background + lineart. If necessary: I’ll go in depth on how to draw manga and anime characters and body, although I don’t find it that magical/mysterious and I hope my explanation in here is good enough. If I feel like it, I might do a tutorial on colouring later.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: know what you want to draw.
By this, I do not mean you go to find the first good looking anime picture on google and redraw that.

Ok. If you don’t have an idea for now, then that is entirely okay. I’ll just show you what I have in mind.

-Rough ideas-
I have a picture in my head that I want to have on the screen. I can’t just randomly start drawing it, so first I’ll just divide the screen in parts. In those parts, I’ll draw a simple sketch of the things that have to be in those parts. Giving me a rough idea of how things will look like on the canvas.

Male and female faces
Geluksroute (Happiness Route)