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1 40 is when the phone rings on Saturday night… And you hope it isn't for you! For more silliness beyond 40th birthday jokes, here are 50 Amazing Jokes from Comedy Legends. 2 A doctor says to his patient… "You have the body of a 20-year-old … but you should return it. You're stretching it all out of shape!" 1. Birthdays aren't as fun when you're older, but fortunately you don't have many more to go. 2. You're so old, I heard your social security number is 3. 3. You know you're old when the candles cost more than the cake. 4. Congratulations on being able to cough, fart, sneeze, and pee at the same time! 5. With old age comes great wisdom

Funny Personalized Newspaper Generator 40th Birthday Jokes about Aging Age is like underwear. It creeps up on you. Don't let aging get you down. It's too hard to get up again. Middle age: that time when you finally get your head together - then your body starts falling apart. Happy birthday! Your friendship means the world to me. Happy birthday! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you in person. Have a fun day! A special day for a special person. Looking forward to celebrating with you! I am more and more grateful for you every year. Happy birthday!

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Billy - "Yeah, but I am not sure how to wrap a life!" » You know you are 40 when you are offered a place to sit on a bus; even more, when you take the offer. » When you turn 40, you finally start appreciating the music in the elevator! » I am not 40, I am 39.95 plus tax! » If you turn 40 and still want to be called young, then better become a tree!

thortful November 29, 2021 What to write 68 delightful 40th birthday wishes Turning 40 is a major milestone, even if some people might not exactly be welcoming the beginning of middle age with open arms.

1. Why didn't anyone say happy birthday to the owl? Because it didn't give a hoot. 2. Did you know that birthdays are good for your health? It's a scientific fact: People who have more birthdays.

1. They say 40 is the new 30. Please tell that to my knees. 2. Let's drink some Red, Red Wine. Cause UB40 now. 3. I regret to inform you, but your 30s have expired. 4. May the 40s be with you. 5. You're 40! Halfway between Diapers and Depends. 6. Congrats on turning 20 for the second time. 7. Damn you make 40 look good! 8.

Birthday Jokes 1. Did you hear about the tree's birthday party? Things got pretty sappy! 2. What does a clam do on his birthday? It shellebrates! 3. What kind of music is scary for birthday.

Blake Flannery Sep 22, 2022 5:25 PM EDT 40 is a major milestone—find the right words to wish them well on the big day. Freddy Castro via Unsplash What to Write in a 40th Birthday Card When you know someone turning 40, you may want to write something extra special in their birthday card.

Confucius says, "Old age is like underwear. It creeps up on you when you least expect it." I went to the doctors and told him I got heartburn when I ate my 40th birthday cake. He said, "Next time, take the candles off." The best years of a woman's life are the ten years between 39 and 40. I bought my husband a dictionary for his 40th birthday.

Happy 40th. The best is yet to come. May your 40th birthday wishes all come true. May your 40s be the most delightful of decades. Aging is a privilege. Use it well. Happy 40th birthday. May the joy of your 40th year exceed your wildest dreams. May you have a joyous day today and many more birthdays to celebrate in the future.

40th Birthday Jokes. 40 is the official age that you've basically become old, which means that it is the pinnacle for birthday jokes!. You may act irresponsibly like a 13-year-old, make friends with 19-year old's, and throw temper tantrums like an 8-year-old, but you're 40 and, look, 13+19+8=40. Maybe you should start acting like one.

- Bob Hope Now that you're 40, you can forget about being perky and just be happy to be an automatic drip. - Melanie White At 40, your vision starts to go, but there's a good side: you can't see what's happening to your body. - Anonymous Jokes About Turning 40: More Funny Quotations I see nothing funny about baldness.

"You're still here!" Turning 40 Joke 03 "I'm giving a 'surprised' 40th birthday party for you." "A 'surprised' 40th birthday party? What's that?" "That's where I invite a bunch of your friends, and if any of them come, I'll be surprised!" Turning 40 Joke 04 "My 40th birthday's coming" Do you know what I need?" "Yeah, but how do you wrap a life?"

Celebrate someone's day of birth with A 40 Year Old Humorous birthday cards & greeting cards from Zazzle! Perfect for friends & family to wish them a happy birthday on their special day.

Funny Birthday Jokes. Coming up with amusing birthday jokes doesn't need to be card. These clever quips make making wisecracks a piece of cake! Related Articles. 15 Funny April Fools' Pranks to Play on Parents; 200+ Birthday Party Names to Celebrate Every Age & Milestone; How did the candle feel after the birthday party? A little burnt out.

Share our funny old man jokes and old age jokes to lighten your mood.. For her 40th birthday, my wife said, "I'd love to be ten again.". After booking my 90-year-old mother on a flight from.

Say goodbye, adieu, adios, arrivederci, cheerio, sayonara, au revoir or so long to your 30s. May they rest in peace! Say hello, howdy, bonjour, buenos dias or what's up to 40! Long live the 40s. Life does begin at forty. Your kids may not think so, but what do they know anyway?

/ Birthday Cards / Age Cards / 40th Birthday Cards ( 192) It's all downhill from here! Truly go all out and make it a year to remember by sending a special milestone design to your favourite 40-year-old on their 40th birthday.

Celebrate someone's day of birth with 40th Jokes birthday cards & greeting cards from Zazzle! Perfect for friends & family to wish them a happy birthday on their special day.

1. What does a clam do on its birthday? It shellebrates. 2. What does a monster eat on its birthday? I scream cake. 3. Why was the birthday cake hard as a rock? It was a marble cake. 4. What do you say to a kangaroo on its birthday? Hoppy birthday. 5. Why was the birthday cake sad? ADVERTISEMENT It's in tiers. 6.

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